23 May 2007

absolute FREE SMS service in India

Want to send FREE sms to a group of friends ??
Webaroo has announced the launch of a new group messaging service in India, called "SMS GupShup". Fun and easy way to send messages to a group using SMSSMS us once, and we'll forward it to your friends for FREE Follow your friends, news, sports and more...

See how I created a group called MenInWeb

1. Created a group called MenInWeb To do that TYPE SMS --> CREATE MenInWeb Send it to 67673434
2. Invite your friends to your group send sms --> INVITE 98200XXXXX 99203XXXXX send it to 67673434
3. Send message as an SMS to 67673434eg SMS what I send : Welcome to http://meninweb.blogspot.com
4. If you want to join my group send sms --> JOIN MeinInWeb and send it to 67673434

Note: All SMS has to send it to 67673434

All works pretty well. I recieved a SMS that MENINWEB created and once I checked that group the message is there.

Cool site and cool feature

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