20 April 2007

Rain at Bangalore : Statistics

Bangalore is getting lots of rain for the last couple of days especially in the night. It’s very nice to sleep in the night because of the excellent climate.
What about during the day time when you travel?
A little trouble some with the roads which the water is stuck in the road and feels like riding the motorbike as a water sport bike. Some area in Bangalore the drainage is in drain stage and the roads are become swimming pools.

But today I noticed that some work is going on to clear that drainage using some proclainers. Clearing the drainage now is really appreciated. But the rain phenomenon is not new in Bangalore. This should take place little early and avoid the swimming pools at least in the some roads. Many people who never visited India will think that all over the roads are like that. Not at all. This happen only few roads.

Yearly Average weather in Bangalore in degree Celsius
Month-----------Avg.High---Avg.Low----Avg. Precip.
January---------27.0---------15.0---------0.00 cm
February--------30.0---------17.0---------1.00 cm
March-----------33.0---------20.0--------2.00 cm
April-------------34.0---------22.0--------3.00 cm
May--------------33.0---------21.0--------10.00 cm
June-------------29.0---------20.0--------8.00 cm
July--------------28.0---------20.0--------11.00 cm
August----------27.0---------20.0---------12.00 cm
September------28.0--------20.0---------24.00 cm
October---------28.0---------19.0---------13.00 cm
November------27.0---------18.0---------5.00 cm
December-------26.0--------16.0---------2.00 cm

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