11 August 2009

Independence Day Man in Bangalore

If you see a man who is colorfully dressed, holding our huge Indian National Flag in Bangalore streets, he is Veeranna from Devanagari . He is selling different sizes of our national flags, badges etc for our 62 Independence day - 2009

Independence Day Man : standing in Cubbon Park Bangalore

Dressed like a King and holding our Tricolor in left hand with pride. Amazing to see his 'badge Armour' and a bunch of small flags resting in his back. A special kind of sun glass which has a protective leather cover on the sides.

Kids are holding National Flags with the Independence Day Man In Bangalore,
Karnataka, India

He has a reason for dressing like a King. Make the kids happy and create enthusiasm in the children. Few weeks before the Independence day he comes down from Devanagari to Bangalore to sell the National flags and badges.

If you find in Bangalore, please don't forget to buy a flag from him.

Independence day activities in India are under the shadow of Swine flu this year 2009. Some schools are closed in Bangalore due to H1N1 and stopped practicing the Independence day programs.

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Happy Independence day . If you want to send Independence day greetings to a proud Indian, just do it from Indian Gov Site

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