30 June 2009

Rain in Bangalore

This year 2009, everybody in Bangalore is waiting for the rain. The monsoon still not started yet. But there are signs of monsoon which is clearly visible in the sky. The dark clouds formed and a cold breeze we can feel it in Bangalore weather now.

Beautiful Cloud formation in Bangalore.
Taken from Outer Ring Road, Near HSR Layout, Bangalore

Power cut in Bangalore

Due to lack of rain, we are facing the power shortage and the Bescom started plug out the power in Bangalore for few hours. Major chunk of the Bangalore Power is coming from Sharavathi hydel Plant and the water level is dangerously low level.

If the rain God is pleasing us, Bangalore will face more hours of power cut or load shedding which is not good for us.

Let's all pray for to get a good rain soon in all over India especially in Bangalore.

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