04 November 2008

Team work in Bangalore

'Team work' is the keyword to success. The Bangalore kids are learning it in a 'practical way' from their way from home to school.

Today morning I noticed a small car (Maruti Omni 5 seater) which packed with kids near Marathalli Over Bridge, Bangalore. I don't know exactly the total number of kids in the entire cab. In the front seat there were 6 to 7 children squeezed and sitting. A kid is sitting on the lap of the driver too. Its happening in the peak hours traffic in Bangalore.

If parents wants to save money and they are ready to take the risk of their children, then at least the school authority should take action to stop these kind of transportation to the school.

Recently I read an article about an RTO chased a brand new school bus in the Highway and seized it because of the improper documents. Good job, but why the same RTOs are not seeing such incidents in the heart of the city.

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