15 June 2008

Bangalore Mirror Anniversary

Bangalore Mirror first Anniversary means Bangalore Mirror Turns One and they are celebrating all over in Bangalore. In Forum and Garuda Mall there are lot of fun activities going on like one minute (may be 2nd birthday they will go for two minutes), mad contest, quizzes, arm wrestling, push ups, ILU etc etc. Yesterday evening I went to Forum mall and lot of actives going on and Bangalore mirror is getting crowd for their show from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Today (16 June 2008) also you can watch it and participate it.

'Crucified' by Bangalore Mirror:
Bangalore Lady trying to stand on her one feet for one minute in fun activities

Its fun to watch for some time and even participating it. Usually Bangalore Mirror give us the fun in daily morning news, but today they are giving some fun in the evening too.

'Happy Birthday Bangalore Mirror'

This is my post when Bangalore Mirror Stared one year back : Bangalore Mirror : Ads in top gear

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