20 December 2007

Tata 1 lakh car

Tata 1 lakh car

Front of Matiz
or Front of Spark
Cousin of Zen Estillo
Back of Wagon R
Height of Santro

Price of Auto Rickshaw

tata 1 lakh car photo (pic) leaked ? No idea how tata car it looks like.

The entire world is eagerly waiting to see the Tata 1 lakh car ($2000 car) and it will unveil on January 10 2008 at Auto Expo in Delhi India. Tata Motors plans to have 6-8 models of the people’s car — codenamed X3 — displayed at the expo. The small wonder car has to travel from Pune to Delhi in a high security. TATA will spend arond Rs 15-20 crore in the 9th Auto Expo.

Once the entire picture of the TATA car is out, it will be the hot news in the year 2008

'Xtra Mileage' details of this budget car at Tata 1 lakh car : People's Car

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