09 October 2007

Google SMS India

Google has launched Google SMS for mobile users in India.

What is Google SMS?

Google SMS is a service that enables you to search for certain kinds of information with Google from a mobile phone, and returns your search results as text messages. With Google SMS, you can get local business listings, movie show times, weather, facts, dictionary definitions, schools, hospitals, pubs, restaurants etc. Google SMS can use without the need of a computer or an Internet-enabled phone, to use this just a mobile phone with any of the mobile providers given down.

Using Google SMS service you can find out most of the stuff on the move and this service is not free.

How to use Google SMS in India ?

Text message your search query to 54664 ('5GOOG' on most devices) and we'll text message back results.

Text [Query] to 54664 and a list of relevant results will be returned to your mobile phone.
eg : pubs bangalore send sms to 54664

Google SMS review

pubs bangalore will show the result like below. (Bangalore is very famous for pubs and is called pub city)

pubs bangalore demo result
movies mumbai SMS gives 3 page result with movie name, show time and the . You can send SMS with movie name also like chak de india delhi

The search is not limited to India, fashion paris also shows some result.

Unfortunately 'google bangalore' did not give any result and it says the SMS says 'Sorry, 'google' near 'bangalore karnataka' didn't come up with any results. Please check your spelling and location'. Soooo sad!!!

temple bangalore result show like this 1. Temple Tronics, Someswara Temple and Ayyappan Temple.

This is a nice service from google and

Personalized SMS saves you time by saving your location. We'll automatically save your most frequently used location for future queries. You can also text 'set location' followed by a valid location (locality and/or city).

Google SMS rates

Google SMS is a premium SMS service; queries sent to 54664 will be charged at the following rates:

Aircel: Rs. 3.00
Airtel: Rs. 2.00
BPL: Rs. 3.00
BSNL: Rs. 0.80/1.00 (post-paid/pre-paid)
Reliance: Rs. 3.00

Incoming messages from Google are not charged.

This service is currently available in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai

At present google SMS is a beta version and will expand all over India very soon.

This is a nice service because with out internet, laptop, wireless connection or Internet-enabled phone you can easily access this service with this phone. May be in the near future google can provide flash news with this service. Using this service you are not accessing websites, instead you are getting the plain text sms from google depends on the what query you send.

More details from google and an online demo of google sms is here

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