28 September 2007

SMS to get Railway Station Platform Ticket in Bangalore

How to get Bangalore Railway Station Platform Ticket using SMS

* Type PFT and send it to 3939 from your mobile
* You will receive a 5 digit alphanumeric code in your inbox of the mobile phone
* Enter this 5 digit code on the machine kept in the main area ( near the reservation counter)
* The Platform ticket printout will come from the vending machine.
* Platform Ticket amount will be deducted from your mobile account
* Airtel, VodaPhone / Hutch, BSNL mobile phone subscribers can avail this facility with
out any extra cost

No need to line up and find the coins to get a Platform ticket. Cool!!

Technology awareness ad from Indian Railway displayed in Bangalore railway station


  1. Nice to know that you've blogged about this feature at the station... But, Unfortunately my friend, the system does not seem to be working yet.

    I had to go to the station to pick up my mom on sunday morning and I ended up wasting 3 SMS'es worth of money for the tickets and then spent another 3 rupees in change at the station to buy my platform ticket...

    Still keeping my fingers crossed!!!


  2. @TheCruisemaniac : That's bad news,

    Anybody else has SMS Platform Ticket Issuing became an issue ??

  3. SMS for platform ticket does not work