27 July 2007

Technology is part of Young Peoples Life : Survey

While young people embrace the Web with real or virtual friends and their cell phone are never far away, relatively few like technology and those that do tend to be in Brazil, India and China, according to a survey.

"Talking to them about the role of technology in their lifestyle would be like talking to kids in the 1980s about the role the park swing or the telephone played in their social lives -- it's invisible."* Chinese computer user has 37 online friends they have never met
* Indian youth are most likely to see cell phones as a status symbol
* one-in-three UK and U.S. teenagers say they cannot live without games consoles
* Key digital device for Japan's young is the cell phone
* Japanese children aged eight to 14 have only one online friend they have not met, compared to a global average of five.
* Some 93 percent of Chinese computer users aged 8-14 have more than one friend online they have never met.

"Young people don't see "tech" as a separate entity - it's an organic part of their lives," said Andrew Davidson, vice president of MTV's VBS International Insight unit.

Only a handful think of technology as a concept, and just 16 percent use terms like "social networking," to 8- to 24-year-olds

Terms most frequently used by the young when talking about technology related to accessing content for free, notably "download and "burn."

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