08 June 2007

Carry Desktop applications on a thumb drive

A technology called Apps-D' (Applications on Demand), allows users to access file on other host computers, even if the computer does not have this compatible software to read the document. For example, a user may have Adobe Photoshop on his home computer but not in his office one. The software will allow him temporarily install and read Photoshop files on his computer. Virtually Computers Desktop in your pocket.

Popular desktop PC applications like Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe PhotoShop Creative Suite, Lotus Notes and Acrobat Reader could be transferred to the portable device together with all the files one has created using them. This application works with the Outlook also.

The software that is being supplied on a 64 MB USB drive is expected to cost the equivalent of $25, that is Rs 1000 - 1200 in India. Find more detail at www.i-flapp.com

Interesting Technology from Bangalore India !!!

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